Dwight Howard is one of the NBA's most charismatic veteran players entering his 19th season in the NBA. With a life and career beyond stadiums and arenas, Howard is also a filmmaker, community leader, media figure, and philanthropist.

  • Dwight Howard NBA player career
  • Dwight Howard won a NBA champion
  • Dwight Howard played in NBA All Star eight times
  • Dwight Howard won five-time all NBA First Team
  • Dwight Howard won a NBA Slam Dunk Contest Champion
  • Dwight Howard won a All Rookie Team trophy
  • Dwight Howard won an Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Dwight Howard won three-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year
  • Dwight Howard won two-time NBA Blocks Leader
  • Dwight Howard won six-time NBA Player of the Month
  • Dwight Howard won eighteen-time NBA Player of the Week
  • Dwight Howard won five-time All Defensive Team
  • Dwight Howard won five-time NBA Rebounding Leader
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Be great. Walk in greatness.

Dwight Howard as a philanthropist


In transition from Dwight Howard to Mr. Howard, he has endeavored in a number of programs that empower youth and raise consciousness to clean living.

Dwight Howard as an entertainer


Mr. Howard is a dynamic personalty. His charismatic, natural ability to entertain allows him to captivate audiences across the silver screen.

Dwight Howard as a businessman


Becoming a savvy entrepreneur with a diverse business portfolio. Mr. Howard has invested in real estate, restaurants, and technology, among other ventures. He is regarded as a successful business leader with a keen eye for innovation and growth.

At the height of Dwight’s career,
he held the record for the most brand endorsements of any player in the history of the NBA.

- Sponsorships -

  • Dwight Howard with McDonald's
  • Dwight Howard with Adidas
  • Dwight Howard with Gatorade
  • Dwight Howard with T-mobile

- Current partnerships -

  • Dwight Howard with Xbox
  • Dwight Howard with Arrowhead
  • Dwight Howard with Oreo